Welcome Inside the WFL Vault

Wflvault.com is an online museum and tribute to the World
Football League which burst onto the scene in 1974 and
posed a brief, but serious threat to the established NFL. For
the first time we open our vault and make public some of the
rarest sports equipment and memorabilia ever assembled.
We hope you enjoy the collection.

While time and media bias have battered the the WFL's
reputation, one simple fact remains – the WFL helped to
revolutionize the modern era of professional football. The
rebel league’s ideologies and rule changes have endured
the test of time and to date have resulted in over 20 changes
to today’s game. A case can be made that the WFL is one of
the most emulated leagues in sports history. It is the hope and
purpose of this site that the WFL finally receives the place in
football history it so richly deserves.

For more information on the WFL’s impact please visit the
history section of our website.

Forever dedicated to the loving memory of Judith Ann Smith.
February 2, 1941 - July 5, 2009